Safety Management Sneak Peeks
Training Tutorial and Application Screen Examples

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Main Menu Navigation

Within the Open Range application are features assigned to roles and individuals, limiting user menus to only what they need to see and use.

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Working Together To Make Your Workplace Safer

The Open Range database is based on the concept of enter it once, use it many times. For example, once you have established your exposure groups, locations, organizations and reference lists, these resources are available throughout the application whenever they are needed. This ensures fast, reliable and high-quality data entry for great reporting outcomes. Take advantage of our automated interfaces for loading personnel profiles with their HR information, reaching an even greater level of efficiency and corporate communication without manual entry.

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Common Terms and Features

Open Range provides powerfully flexible tools for searching and filtering data throughout the data entry, reporting and exporting process.

Safety Inspection Checklist
Walkdown your projects and facilities performing checklist inspections as part of your safety oversight program. Highly customizable checklists ensure you ask the right questions for your work, and your workplace.

Employee Team Checklist
Encourage and reward safe work behavior through the Open Range employee team checklist demonstrating safe work culture and behavior for your entire workforce.

Any Web browser-Any Device
Pull up a report in the field or enter some sample notes on your iPad. Open Range works on any browser and any device with a browser anywhere you have a wireless connection.

Create and Track Safety Actions
Document and track through closure any action using email triggers and reports to make documentation of completion close-out quick and easy.

Reports, Exports and Statistics
Push a button, generate a report, graph, chart, download and statistics from the many options available. Create and save custom reports real-time taking advantage of the powerful interactive search toolbars available throughout the Open Range application.